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Looking for a blast from the past? Hollywood Pinball & Arcade Museum is the place for you!

Pinball Collection

Do you remember playing pinball machines in the arcade? Hollywood Pinball & Arcade Museum has over 60 of them! These games are all fashioned by Gottlieb and Williams companies and have been brought to their original working order. Come on in and play with some of the best games in history!

Arcade Games

In addition to our vast selection of pinball machines, we also have a variety of arcade games. Our 1980s-era arcade games are just like you remember them, while our vintage video arcade features some classics that might be new to you. Most games are available for play using quarters, but you can also rent the arcade for private parties. So come on in and play with history!

We hope to see you soon at Hollywood Pinball & Arcade Museum!

Guitar Pick Collection

Our guitar pick collection includes over 800 pics used by notable musicians over the last 30 years – all collected by an Omaha roadie at concerts and backstage.

We’re pleased to showcase this unique collection at Hollywood Pinball & Arcade Museum. You’ll find picks from artists such as Prince, Nirvana, Metallica, Guns N’ Roses and many more. So come on in and play with history!

Bagatelle Collection

Bagatelle is a billiards-style table game that offered amusement and entertainment as early as the 1820s. The object was to shoot balls into holes guarded by pegs or pins. Penalties were incurred in pins were knocked down. Originally played in France, Bagatelle games grew in popularity across continents and in taverns across America. Boards were originally simple in style but later were colorfully painted in a variety of themes. Bagatelle eventually led to the development of Pachinko and pinball machines.

We’re pleased to showcase a number of rare, vintage Bagatelle game boards at Hollywood Pinball & Arcade Museum. which can be seen along the upper walls of the video arcade room.

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